Corey-MuleHi, I am Corey Jarvis, owner of 3 Rivers Adventures, I was born and raised in Southern Alberta

Since the early 1980s, I have spent a great deal of my spare time hunting, trapping, fishing and exploring the very area where our outfitted adventures take place today. We have successfully guided hundreds of hunters and 2013 will mark our 18th year in operation.

My love for the outdoors led me to pursue a university education in wildlife management. The knowledge gained from my studies helped to greatly improved my understanding of the resident wildlife. For those who hunt with Three Rivers Adventures, this is obviously a valuable asset.

Annually, I spend hundreds of hours filming, photographing and observing the animals in my guide areas. Learning their habits and territories is a major factor in the extremely high success rates of our clients.

Southern Alberta is primarily private land. Knowing the landowners, and having a mutual trust, is of major importance to a successful hunt. My respect for the area and the landowners, has helped gain some excellent land access in these areas.

Last, but certainly not least is the friendly, hard working treatment that you will receive when hunting with me and my 3 Rivers staff. Every effort is made to make your trip a successful and enjoyable experience. You’ll be welcomed as a friend, and made to feel at home. Your success as a hunter, and comfort as a guest are the two unwavering priorities by which we operate.

We like to say “it’s easy to get here, but it’ll be hard to leave!”