For over 19 years 3 Rivers Adventures has been providing high success archery Whitetail hunting in Southern Alberta. If the Whitetail experts were to get together to design the best possible habitat for high quality deer production, it would likely look a lot like this area. The dense, swampy, cottonwood river bottoms, surrounded by lush, abundant crops of peas, alfalfa, cereal grains and canola, provide everything necessary for trophy Whitetail! As we like to call it, “A True Sportsman’s Paradise!”

These hunts are fully customized and personal, with camp not exceeding 4 hunters per week. As the outfitter, I’m in camp every week and personally guide or help with each hunt. For those wanting to make the most of their trip, hunts can be run in various combinations with, either species of deer, and/or world-class wing shooting for plentiful, Ducks, Geese, and Upland birds! Excellent fishing is also available during the archery hunt months. Hunts are conducted from either tree stands or ground blinds as big bucks are intercepted traveling between bedding and feeding areas during early morning and late afternoon hours. This effective technique, produces excellent success and is the result of extensive scouting and years of experience hunting this area. Hunters can expect to see hundreds of deer during this 5 ½-day hunt, and should have multiple opportunities at bucks ranging from mid 130’s to mid 160’s Pope and Young. The unmatched variety of wildlife, and the scenic beauty will also add to the overall experience during this hunt.

So if you’re looking for an excellent opportunity at a trophy class Whitetail, in a friendly, personalized atmosphere, look no further than 3 Rivers Adventures.