In general, for personal use, non-residents can import 200 rounds duty free for hunting purposes. If you are flying, most airlines have weight restrictions for ammunition. You can also check with us for the cost and availability of your required ammunition in the area you will be hunting. In most areas you can generally find the more common calibers.

These are general conditions please contact your specific airline for their EXACT requirements.


Archery equipment is accepted as part of a customer’s free baggage allowance. Archery equipment is defined as one or a combination of the following: • One bow, one quiver containing arrows & a maintenance kit. These items must be encased in a container of sufficient strength to protect the items from damage. Cases containing more than the above listed items may be assessed an excess baggage charge.


One item of shooting equipment is accepted as part of a customer’s free checked baggage allowance. When checking a firearm, you must:

  • declare to the representative that you are checking a firearm (If a Security Checkpoint is prior to the ticket counter, you must declare the existence of a firearm to security personnel.)
  • present firearm(s) unloaded and sign a “Firearms Unloaded” declaration
  • lock the firearm(s) in a hard-sided, crush-proof container and retain the key or combination
  • Maintain entry permits in your possession for the country or countries of destination or transit
  • ensure small arms ammunition is packed in the manufacturer’s original package or securely packed in fiber, wood or metal boxes

Your one item of shooting equipment may include one rifle case containing: two or fewer rifles (with or without scopes), one tool kit, noise suppressers & 11 lbs. (approx. 5kgs) of ammunition (if it does not exceed 200 rounds)

Cases containing more than two rifles may be assessed an excess baggage charge. Ammunition in excess of 11 lbs. per passenger or that contains incendiary projectiles is prohibited.